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Afnan Supremacy in Oud (100ml) - Perfume Spray for Men Aromatic Spicy Scent - Exquisite Modern Fragrance - Long lasting Aroma Suitable for Special Occasions, EDP

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The heart of the perfume is where the true magic resides. Oud dominates this centre stage, its raw and ancient appeal creating an earthy, powerful scent profile. Its woody muskiness is unmistakable and gives the perfume its distinctive character. A whisper of sweetness is mixed in, softening the oud just enough to keep it from becoming overwhelming. This does bear some similarity to OFG, especially in the opening. It is a beast performer as well. All well and good. However, I really dislike it mainly because of the skanky sweetness. Oud combined with florals other than rose always makes me curious. Here it's beautifully blended with violet. This is a softer, more feminine oud that has a bit of the typical sharpness, but doesn't feel harsh and medicinal or animalic. The violet feels sweet and somewhere between powdery and aquatic, like only violet can do. Vanilla gives the scent a warm and inviting base, but doesn't overtake it completely. I also like the nutmeg note, at first I thought I smelled cinnamon, but after reading the notes list I can see that it's a different spice. Iris and patchouli add lovely little accents that give depth and balance to the scent. Initio's Oud for Greatness is one of my favorite niche frags in my collection but because I can't afford a full bottle, I just settled for a 5ml decant. After reading all the hype, I pulled the trigger on this one. It's a blind buy although I already knew the scent profile besides having a bottle of Oud for Glory by Lattafa (which I sold). I thought Lattafa was the closest to the OG but when I tried this one, I must say that it pretty much succeeded on what it wants to accomplish with flying colors. It was inspired by the OG but in terms of quality and performance, this one truly fascinates me. It has a character and personality of its own.

I can see from the note list that they worked to mimic Oud for greatness, that's no secret, even corrected their way a bit by adding sweet notes (probably from using a different type of Oud). In short it is Oud for Glory on steroids, which I totally dig. The price difference is significant (35€ Lataffa vs 49€ Afnan) but it's worth every "penny" considering the vast performance difference and equal scent quality. A couple of sprays on my wrist are all I needed to tell it was a great blind buy as just smelling it from a distance was extremely pleasing. I did bury my nose into the scent on my wrist afterward, and that wasn't a good idea because it didn't settle yet. But after a few minutes, the scent transformed into a sweet earthy incense that is continually wafting its way up to my nose even at arm's length. I gave one bottle to my Mum and I must say that till date, out of my 55 bottles of perfumes, nothing smells like Afnan Supremacy Gold. It is one the scents I reach for when I went to smell unique, enticing and amazing without having to blend other scents together. Afnan is sweeter, which combined with the higher quality makes it feel more expensive. It's not overly sweet or anything, but there's some difference with the LattafaThis definitely, IMO, could be worn in all seasons in the day or evening. It certainly would class up any casual gathering and would impress a sophisticated group of people as well as elevate the atmosphere with its elegant and potent aroma. OFG does have a slight sweet aspect to but it smells "dry" to me as though it were made of dry ingredients - in the same sense that freshie scents like Beach Hut and ADP Colonia Club etc smell as though they are made with some "wet" and fresh ingredients. The vague sweetness in OFG feels like dry roasted sugar or something and far in the distance or on the wind. In Supremacy it feels like they mixed up melted juju candy, and slightly moldy dates into a syrup and sweetened it with that. It is not the sweetest fragrance ever and may not even be overly sweet, but it's not for me. I like to eat dates, but hate this. Like I said, I recommend it for all genders. Girls and women, wear it however you see fit. Dudes ONE-TO-TWO SPRAY MAX and layer it with a Vetiver, patchouli scent. This ain’t for every dude. If you like the stand “bro” scents of Sauvage, Le Male, or Green Irish Tweed, then this ain’t for you. Bypass this scent, and thank me later, but if you’re a dude who doesn’t care about scents and smells and wanna where it, then buy it and enjoy it, but don't take my word for it. In the air they are hard to distinguish .. ofg is sweeter and more sugary .. this one is a little darker and I actually prefer the scent ..! But I'd say they're about 85% similar and you wouldn't need both..!

I've been seriously into men's fragrance since the 80's, when most men's cologne lasted 8 hours to 2 days on skin. No bull!..... And I'm so impressed with Supremacy in Oud that I can hardly put into words what it MEANS to me--having discovered it about a year ago. Let's just say that I rate all of my fragrances on a standard 100-point scale. BUT regardless how good a fragrance smells, I won't rate any fragrance over an "89" unless I can smell it on myself "easily and regularly" for at least 8 hours. And I've got dry skin to boot. So prior to SIO, the last time I actually wore a "90+" rated fragrance was in 1999 before they reformulated my Giorgio Red for Men! (And yes, I'm sure I've also gone nose-blind to numerous other fragrances since, that may have otherwise "made the grade"). I have some comparisons with Lattafa's counterpart I can share. But the disclamer here is that I just randomly got a bottle of the Afnan that does perform. I wonder if perhaps there's two batches floating around or something. Mine wasn't amazing out of the box - but letting it sit for a few months made it perform A LOT better - yet someone below mentioned it had no effect for them. This is basically what I'm aiming for. I have a 10 ml decant of the real thing, so I know the difference in quality. Oud for Glory doesn't smell exactly the same, but the difference in smell vs. the difference in price is pretty stark. If I were looking for an Amouage, I definitely wouldn't settle for a clone; the blend is too complex and the ingredients are of a high enough quality that it probably just couldn't be reproduced effectively. But OfG strikes me as both a pretty simple and likely synthetic blend, making it easier to clone. The sillage is nearly identical, although up close the differences are clear. Still, it comes close enough to what I enjoy about my decant to scratch the same itch. Love, love, love this. Shame oud is so offensive to most people's noses, because I would love to wear this all the time.

Review of Supremacy in Oud

It’s a beautiful blend of Oud and spices and flowers that works so well on my skin and maintains its potency on my clothes for hours. Unlike some fragrances that need you to be heavy handed with them for them to project well, Supremacy Gold does a great job with 3 - 4 sprays. Sweeter and denser. Smooth from the get-go but hits that point where I wish it was edgier. Fall and Winter only, BUT... enjoy better quality and extra performance Price point - super affordable and honestly I am no longer intrigued by niche brands that are charging so much more for fragrances that are easily replicated by mass market brands. Love it. The opening was a bit harsh to my nose at first—smelled like off bug spray—but I don't mind it anymore. Super strong stuff—I only sprayed twice (one under my shirt and one on top of my hand) and I actually got a headache. It took a few wears for me to get into this juice but now it's addicting. Longevity seems to depend on the day for me for some reason but even when it wears out faster it still lasts me a good 6-7 hours. Regardless, it projects like a freight train just like my bottles of Supremacy in heaven and Silver not only intense. I have both OFG and this one. To me afnan is the more refined and smooth version of OFG because that one -to my nose- is a little rough on the edges but afnan is absolutely gorgeous .. creamy and smooth.. one would think this is the original and OFG is the clone!!

But unlike some others I wouldn't say that it's overly sweet. Compared to e.g. Pure Havane it is just a half sweet fragrance lightened by the dry saffron airiness and lavender which is more detectable than in Lataffa. and this golden bottle one smells similar to many from mancera just watered down version of some of the heavy hitters like estee lauder mystique wood and even David yurman the brown limited edition one which i love so much of course with quality difference ..that being said that afnan was bought from a high quality quaity company for more than 80 years called "Atyab Al-marshoud" and they have a long history with pure ouds and agar wood and incense.. This isn't a very dirty oud, nor is it medicinal. Definitely sits comfortably in the woody oud realm. If you don't like oud, you probably wont like this. But if you like oud, wood, spices.. good lord this might just blow you away. P.S: I also have supremacy not only intense .. that one I wouldn't say an exact clone of aventus .. they're pretty different. But in oud is really close to OFG maybe some notes are amplified on this one but generally you can call it a clone

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Afnan has slightly better longevity. Projection initially is a bit less in reach, but timewise it projects for longer... if that makes sense The comments in oud for greatness say it's an overpriced oud cheapie that you can find anywhere in the middle east, well... this is it! i have both OFG and this one. To me afnan is the more refined and smooth version of OFG because that one -to my nose- is a little rough on the edges but afnan is absolutely gorgeous .. creamy and smooth.. one would think this is the original and OFG is the clone!! So with this scent the powdery and very mild amber-vanilla is not strong at all, the other notes barely detectable. Projects mildly for about 20-30 minutes, lasts as a skin scent no more than two hours. Completely inoffensive in every way, perfectly safe for any wear, including carpool, elevators, enclosed spaces. So if mild, pleasant and versatile is what you want, here it is. But it's as bad as any drugstore cologne in performance though it's being sold as Eau de Parfum which it is not by any measure. For the most part the Cremo, Proraso and Tommy Bahama colognes, and I've tested them all, outperform this scent. You would be better off buying Cremo "Distiller's Blend" or Cremo "Palo Santo." With this, over-apply to start. Respray with frequency. Take a bath in it. It still won't be there by lunch. Lattafa opens harsher and takes about an hour till it starts settling down to that gold it's known for. Afnan is smooth and pleasant as soon as it hits your skin

Blows Oud for Glory out of the water. Not even a competition. Oud for Glory is in the G-League and Supremacy in Oud is dunking on your favorite all-star. Just another hidden gem from Afnan. Third bottle from the brand in my collection and I still get surprised of the super high quality they deliver. This is now one of my absolute favorites in a collection of ~70 frags. The opening is absolutely Godly. Right off the bat, DRY cedar vibes and a beautiful woody, spicy oud with an incredible natural lavender. The lavender here with the woods and spices is just.. awesome. I prefer perfumes that makes me stand out in a great way and if I can get that from less popular brands, so be it. I'm super happy I managed to get this one. Prior that I had Lattafa Oud for Glory which I did like but to me it felt very light and very soon it became just a light skin scent. That's why a sold Oud for Glory and was hoping for more in Supremacy in Oud. And oh boy I got what I wanted. Supremacy In Oud smells identical to Oud for Glory but it's much richer and stronger. I'm used to overspraying but with this one I'm totally good with 2-3 sprays. Don't spray anywhere close to your nose ... it's so potent! Compared to Lattafa Afnan's version isn't as light and fluffy airy, though it does some airy feel to it. Because of the slightly amped up sweetness it also isn't as dry as Lataffa or Initio.As for performance, I actually don't get beast mode on ofg .. it's really long lasting but doesn't project that much .. but afnan is a true beast and fills the house .. I havent gave it a full wear and can't say much about longevity but I doubt it last as long as ofg because that one is parfum and this is EDP. Btw I prefer it this way .. I like my fragrance to project and make a statement.. I'll compare the longevity in next days and will update this post but as up now I really love it and prefer it to the original even if they were priced the same (btw ofg is much fancier in term of presentation though afnan is no slouch either) Semi-fresh. Start out ruff and slowly get better with the life of the fragrance. Add half a season wearabilty

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