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Modiphius | The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Adventure Board Game | Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-4 Players | 60-120 Minutes Playing Time

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A demo of the upcoming board game is currently available to play for free on Tabletop Simulator - a video game that enables players to interact with dice, cards and other tabletop components digitally - which myself and Wheels were recently guided through by Chris Birch, co-founder of Modiphius. It’s almost exactly what you’d expect from a completely faithful tabletop adaptation of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Last week marked the 10th anniversary of the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the fifth mainline installment in one of the most popular RPG video game franchises in existence. This month also happens to mark the launch of the Gamefound crowdfunding campaign for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Adventure Game, a tabletop adaptation of the from Modiphius - the publisher responsible for other tabletop games based on Bethesda properties, including skirmish miniature games The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. In this endlessly replayable game of branching quests and mysteries to uncover, you take on the role of a brave Adventurer, in co-op or solo adventures with hundreds of hours of gameplay. Build your unique character, upgrade your equipment, delve into dungeons and travel across the Holds of Skyrim. Gain experience, find treasures and battle Draugr, Daedra, Dragons and more. Play through six chapters of two hugely replayable campaigns spanning 25 years in the history of Tamriel. In this endlessly replayable game of branching quests and mysteries to uncover, you take on the role of a brave Adventurer, in co-op or solo adventures with hundreds of hours of gameplay. If I have a Heavy Armor equipped, would I automatically fail a Sneak skill test out of Combat? No. The rules regarding Heavy Armor and Sneak only apply in Combat.

The board is a little too big, and most of the game’s tokens are tiny and difficult to distinguish from one another. The way the game’s cards are organised for play is one of the game’s strongest and most interesting features, but the rulebook has very little guidance on how to set them up for your first game, adding frustration to what could have been a delightful setup experience.

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I have equipment and skill that give me a total value of Sneak equal to two, does this mean I roll two dice when rolling Sneak skill tests out of Combat? No. The players roll a total of their Sneak value plus three dice. Sneak is considered a Skill test and therefore there is a base of three dice for the roll. However, players who seek a more challenging experience may decide to remove the starting three dice from Sneak rolls, as indicated in the rules. Skyrim is being ported to a new format: board games. Modiphius Entertainment, maker of The Elder Scrolls miniatures game and Fallout tabletop games, will release The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - The Adventure Game in 2022, and Polygon has an exclusive preview.

An event requires to move a Roaming monster token toward its closest Stronghold, but there are two eligible. Which one should I choose? Also, if more than one route is available, how do I choose one? In both cases the Starting player has the final word on the target and path of the Roaming monster token. Each decision matters, choose wisely and you may live to tell the tale of how you too used to be an Adventurer! Imagine you’re climbing the face of a six-sided pyramid,” Modiphius founder Chris Birch said in an interview, “and we’re all climbing towards the top; one big finale. But on my pyramid, I can go up the right, I can go up the left, I can go up the center. So I’ve got multiple choices to get to the top of my side of the story with my play style. But there are six other sides.” This demo of the first first Campaign lets play either a prequel tutorial, or the 1-4 player first, second or third Chapter's of Campaign 1, you will need to read the set up instructions as all the components are provided but not set up for Chapter 1. One of the players I started playing the campaign with cannot attend the next session. Is it possible to “freeze” his character for the session and keep on playing? Unfortunately, no. The game is structured so that the number of players affects some setup requirements, therefore changing the number of players could result in the chapter not being finished. In that situation, we recommend asking the other players to use their character cooperatively.

I also got the impression that they only move 1 tile at a time, but as it hasn’t been specified anywhere then they might be allowed to move as far as a player at a time for all I know, even if that seems a bit savage. The contents of the game box also don’t seem to justify the price of Skyrim The Adventure Game. The box includes an enormous game board, smaller character boards, six plastic miniatures, various game tokens, dice, and over 800 cards. These cards cover the majority of the gameplay, featuring quests, monsters for dungeons, characters, items, upgrades, events, and rules reference cards. Build your unique character, upgrade your equipment, delve into dungeons and travel across the Holds of Skyrim. Gain experience, find treasures and battle Draugr, Daedra, Dragons and more. I love the double-layer boards, which hold my hard-won experience, gold, soul gems, and alchemical items all in one place. I love the little miniatures, including a charming Khajiit. The only thing missing, in my opinion, is a little home somewhere in the mountains that I can fill up with cups and bowls and butterfly wings. But the gameplay itself is brisk, relatively simple, and a whole lot of fun. Skyrim: The Adventure Game is a resettable legacy experience that allows you to delve into Tamriel’s past, battle foes, hoard treasures and thwart a plot that threatens the whole of Skyrim.

I hope that somewhere, as Todd Howard ponders the infinite in the final stages of developing Starfield, he is enjoying his copy as well. Whenever a monster is prompted to move towards a Stronghold, the card or event that prompts that movement also specifies what happens when the monster reaches the Stronghold. For example, the Event “Daedric Invastion” says: “Move one Daedra token toward the nearest Stronghold. Of course, both the event cards and the rulebook (later on) specify what happens to the stronghold when a roaming monster reaches it: it gets degraded, which means a threat token is applied. However, nothing within the game demo specifies what happens to the roaming monster itself. From sources outside the demo it seems the monster is then removed from the board. Other than that the only other thing I found that seems to have been omitted by the rulebook is the potion making feature. I know from the youtube playthroughs and the above FAQ answer that you can trade in plant components for potions when you’re in a stronghold, but dunno if this consumes your action or is considered along the lines of selling and buying goods (I’m assuming the later)? Either way, this feature should probably be mentioned in the rulebook as well, lol. Though since pretty much everything else in the above FAQ is in the rulebook already I guess there’s a chance that this is on your radar already.Roaming Monsters move as a result of Event cards or specific game events (such as results of Quests.) At the beginning of the game (what’s in the demo), Roaming Monsters are more infrequent and move less often. Later on, there are Chapter-encompassing conditions that spawn and even move all Roaming Monsters of a specific category every turn, making them much more impactful. There are plenty of different ways in which these Monsters are used, and they take center stage in some Chapters. Whilst we will do everything we can to meet the delivery times above, there may be factors outside of our control and we cannot guarantee delivery within this time frame. A Roaming monster moved onto my space during the event phase, may I still move away from it? No. Unless specified in the scenario rules, when on the same space of a Roaming monster token, the players must spend their Turn action fighting the enemy. The game’s plot promises a prequel to the events of Skyrim that focuses on the Blades, an organisation of dragon hunters and general protectors of the land of Tamriel. I expected campaign narratives that would significantly build upon the existing world, but Skyrim the Adventure game offers thin, minimalistic writing that expects you to be content with name-drops to lore you’ll already have learned from playing the videogame. If it’s been a while since you’ve played Skyrim and you can’t really remember who the Blades are, the game isn’t going to wait around to explain it to you.

When taking threat from an event, does the Starting player have to assign it to their own cards? No. Unless specifically stated, Threat can be assigned freely among all players or the Stronghold Chart, with no requirement from the Starting player to assign any of it to their own cards.When it was announced in late 2021, many saw The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - The Adventure Game as little more than a goof. Many wryly remarked that this would be the last time Skyrim would be relaunched in any form, a kind of final physical apotheosis for the classic video game. More than a decade after its release, Skyrim remains playable on virtually every console and computer platform known to humankind. So, why not a board game as well? If I am dealing a Heavy Damage to an enemy and they have both Heavy and Light Armor, may I choose to assign the damage to the Light armor? No. The damage must be assigned to corresponding Armor. Only if there is no corresponding Armor, the players can choose where to assign the damage.

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