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Games Workshop Warhammer 40k - Ork Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy

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We’ll get the Speed Freekz options out the way first because there’s a clear standout – Junkboss gives the model a 4++, and if you have a Deffkilla Trike this is a great add. The others are a little meh, but don’t forget that the regular traits are all available as well. You know what isn’t a tough sell? Kommandos. These only go up a pt per model each and the power claw on the Boss Nob is now no longer mandatory, meaning that you now get these at a better point per wound price than before despite the jump to T5 (the claw is also only 5pts extra). In addition, in line with scout units from other factions these now scout deploy rather than deep strike, providing you with an absolutely dirt cheap source of screening. They’re also even more enhanced in durability if you set them up in terrain, as their Sneaky Gitz ability now adds an additional +2 to their armour save instead of +1. The Nob is a little less outrageously pushed, costing you nearly as much as a minimum squad of the cavalry by himself, so while the mortals on charge are cool you’ll probably see less of these on tournament tables. They seem like great fun to use though, so a real boon for casual play. Warbikes

Another change previewed on WarCom in the last couple of weeks, the old Warboss’ Waaagh! Ability has been replaced by two new ones – Waaagh! And Speedwaaagh! – which have similar effects but instead of being an aura are now army-wide, once-per-game abilities with effects that last for two turns. At pretty much every point since the release of the 8th Edition Codex throwing down 90+ Boyz and trying to steamroll your opponent has been at worst a fringe strategy and hey, they’re T5 AP-1 now! They do jump to 9pts each, and lose their +1 A for moving in large numbers, but don’t forget that they’ll be at +1A for two turns of the game thanks to Waaagh in lists built around them. Orks look poised to steal the herohammer crown from Drukhari, so prepare to see these on tables a whole bunch. There are even several more generic traits that would be totally fine in other books, they’re just eclipsed by the peak nonsense on show here. Relics

Secondary Objectives

Bitey Squigs include any squiggly beast with sufficient jaws, claws and stingers to savage the target and anything standing close by. Launched gnashing and snarling into the enemy, they latch onto the first thing they hit and do not stop chewing until they are bludgeoned, stomped or shot to death. Now let's assembly the prepared parts. So far we have quite a good impression of the size of the buggy.

For Customer Support with Orks, please go outside and scream into the sky, shaking your fist if possible. Gork, or possibly Mork, should respond within 24 hours. The people who love the idea of big green himbo football hooligans tearing their way across the galaxy in search of their next scrap. Overall, there’s some perfectly strong stuff here, but amidst a very powerful book and a strong pedigree from recent releases these feel just the slightest bit weak. The likely consequence of that is that you’ll see lots of lists using multiple detachments to squeeze in maximum herohammer, as you care a little less about having loads of CP than some armies do. Kustom Jobs Similar to the Death Guard’s change with Disgustingly Resilient, this is going to be useless sometimes but more reliable and more useful overall. This shuts out a large number of “smaller” heavy weapons, including Heavy Bolters, Assault Plasma Incinerators, Autocannons, Fleshmowers, Executor Bolt Rifles, Plague Belchers, Belleros Energy Cannons, and Volkite Culverins, as well as a lot of 2-damage melee weapons. It’s a big boost on the faction’s deff dreads and killa kans.

James Pilkington – Orks – 1st Place

Hooo boy here we go. As of this book, Orks are going to have some of the nastiest characters in the entire game, and yes that takes into account the fact that Drukhari exist. On some level that is as it should be – the mightiest of the Orks should be able to krump anything that takes their fancy – but you can do some spectacular stuff here, especially on Squigosaurs. You may have noticed they’re being mentioned a lot and that’s because they’re outrageous just on base rate, and adding some of these traits can pump them up to contend with the real greats. The other shiny new assets are the scout deploy from Kommandos and mobile melee punch from Squighog Boyz. The Kommandos give you a tool to prevent early blowouts from opposing redeploys, plus pressure any scouts they bring to the table, while Squighogs give you something that the opponent has to be properly scared of as long as they’re on the board.

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